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Our History

Edward and Ida Snow started their jewelry store in the center of Hialeah, FL with $600, a few display cases, a small safe, and the family dining room table as the main showcase.¬†Edward Snow, Sr. attended Bulova School of Watchmakers in New York and …

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August Birthstone: The Magic of Peridot

August Birthstone: The Magic of Peridot

People born in August have the distinctive advantage of having two birthstones. The “Evening Emerald,” known by gemologists as Peridot gemstones. The yellow-green, lime green, and luscious olive green tones have attracted world-class collectors since ancient times. It is yielded from the activity of volcanic eruptions. The second birthstone for August-born is the Sardonyx, an onyx veined gem of silica mineral quartz.

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