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A Look at The History of October’s Birthstones

October’s Birthstones – Did you know that those born in October have an option of two birthstones? It’s true. October babies can have their choice of opal or tourmaline. So why does October have two when other months only have one? The practice of...

The Novice’s Guide to Grading a Diamond

Grading a Diamond – Each diamond is unique and there are a myriad of variables that determine its value. When it comes to grading diamonds, most adhere to the American Gem Society’s (AGS) zero to 10 grading scale. This scale is fairly easy to understand....

Because She is Amazing

We all love our mothers, and every year as Mother’s Day rolls around, our search for the perfect Mother’s Day gift begins. Finding the best Mother’s Day gift, one you know your mother will love, can be challenging. You want to show your mom how much...

A Diamond in the Rough

Gleaming in the sun, a rainbow of colors sparkle forth as we watch her hand move side to side displaying a priceless jewel. Diamonds have marked important occasions in our lives not because of their beauty but as a reminder of what it takes to have a precious jewel of...