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When an important anniversary is on the horizon, many people want to make the day is special as possible. At Snow’s Jewelry we take pride in helping our customers find just the right piece to celebrate their anniversary. For many, the best approach is taking their existing engagement ring and remounting it to create an entirely new piece. Doing so both preserves the love and sentiment embodied in the original ring, while creating a stunning new piece of jewelry to represent all that the future might hold.

Creating a New Design

Remounting a wedding ring is an opportunity to create a new piece of jewelry, while preserving those aspects of the ring that have been treasured for many years. This is the chance to embrace an entirely new style, upgrade with the addition of new stones, and improve the overall strength of the peace by taking advantage of modern setting techniques and design. Some spouses choose to work with our team to remount the ring on their own to surprise their bride. Other couples go through the process together, which helps ensure that she is completely happy with the resulting piece.

Strengthening and Maintaining the Existing Piece

Remounting is also something of a maintenance task. Over time a ring’s setting can become compromised due to normal wear and tear. That leaves the stone or stones at the center of the design vulnerable to loss if one or more of the prongs or other setting elements fails. Having the ring remounted essentially turns the clock back to day one. The end result is essentially an entirely new piece of jewelry created to the highest standards, but featuring the stones and precious metal that the wearer has treasured for so many years.

Merging Past and Present

Remounting an engagement ring offers couples a chance to merge multiple pieces of jewelry to create a new piece. For example, many women receive mother’s rings that feature the birthstones of their children. When remounting their engagement ring, some choose to incorporate those birthstones into the new setting. The result is dazzling piece of jewelry that is a celebration of both their marriage and their family. For others, remounting is a chance to replace the existing stone with a larger or differently cut diamond. Some will integrate the new stone in with the old while others will opt for a complete replacement, choosing to use their original diamond in another piece of jewelry.

No matter how a couple chooses to celebrate their anniversary, Snow’s Jewelry is here to help. Our team can work with customers to find the perfect match for their unique set of needs.