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According to the pros, many seasonal trends in jewelry are born on the catwalk, where on occasion extreme designs are featured. For fall 2016, fashion designers and models have caused a stir by showcasing both minimalist and risqué jewelry pieces. So what are our favorite up and coming jewelry trends? Keep reading to find out!

Eye-catching Earrings

JCK Magazine notes that mismatched and over-sized earrings are going to be a big hit for fall 2016, based on the fashions presented by French, Italian and other European designers. Mismatched earring trends include hoops paired with drops, while over-sized earrings are taking on many forms. These two trends are making it possible for women to express themselves in new and unique ways. There is no longer a need to conform when it comes to wearing earrings. Go big or go home, as they say.

Layered Necklaces

Necklaces of different lengths, materials and quality are being mixed and matched to create new and interesting looks, according to Style Caster. In addition to multiple necklaces, larger gems or ornaments are being incorporated into jewelry selections. The net result is a beautiful new look that fits one’s personality.


Whether in a necklace, ring or bracelet, pearls are making a big impact on fall 2016 jewelry trends. These classic symbols of purity and elegance are being worn in modesty, but also in the extreme. This allows women to pick the look that best represents their character and tastes. While it’s fun to wear a lot of jewelry from time-to-time, pearls can also make women look sophisticated, without trying too hard.

The jewelry trends for fall 2016 are exciting and open up a world of possibilities for people of all ages. For additional information on jewelry trends or designing your own pieces, please contact us. We are ready to help you find the perfect accessory regardless of the occasion.