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Are you expecting a new baby in the family? Finding the right gift for a newborn can be a huge challenge–especially if you want to give something more meaningful than the standard baby clothes, receiving blankets, and diapers. For a gift that could easily become an heirloom, stay out of the big box stores and think about choosing something one-of-a-kind instead.

Personalized Blankets

Instead of giving receiving blankets or generic baby blankets, go for something unique–and something big enough that the baby will still be able to use when they’re bigger! A quick search for “personalized baby blankets” will yield countless results, from cotton thermal blankets with traditional name and birthdate embroidery across a corner to contemporary, stylized names printed across a buttery-soft background. Take the new baby’s parents into account and choose a style that reflects their personality, as well!

Engraved Gifts

You might not think to stop by a jewelry store when shopping for baby, but you might find the perfect choice in between the engagement rings and charm bracelets. Personalized baby bracelets (complete with a name or a name and birthdate) and birthstone jewelry make beautiful, high-quality gifts for baby girls. Engraved silver or pewter baby rattles also pair sophistication with personality that makes each gift unique.


Memory boxes, personalized photo frames, and even engraved baby cups or plates all give parents (and children) a way to hold on to the first days of babyhood that fly by so quickly. Want something that’s more for the parents than for the baby? So-called “push” gifts are a great way to congratulate a mom on growing and delivering a tiny person. Mother’s necklaces, bracelets, or Chamilia charms are all special ways to let mom know you haven’t forgotten her, either.

Still looking for ideas? Come visit us at Snow’s Jewelers! For non-jewelry options, try logging  on to Etsy to find one-of-a-kind custom blankets and clothing, or explore other local boutiques that can offer outside-the-box baby gifts. You won’t regret the effort it takes to find a truly special, one-of-a-kind present for that new little one.