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When you purchase a diamond ring, necklace or earrings, it’s important to know you’re getting authentic gemstones that are of the highest quality. Given the abundance of lab produced diamonds currently on the market, many shoppers are asking whether the quality is the same as natural gemstones. The real difference, however, is only in the source, size and price of the diamonds.

Advantages of Man-Made Diamonds

Man-made diamonds are sourced from labs, which eliminates concerns associated with conflict diamonds. Conflict diamonds are so termed, because they are mined in conflict zones and used to finance warfare, which is detrimental on a number of moral and ethical levels. Also, man-made diamonds tend to be less expensive to source compared to natural gems. These are just a few of the advantages, and the diamonds are just as authentic as natural stones.

The Case for Natural Diamonds

Natural diamonds range in size, color and complexity, giving you more options in terms of the size of the diamonds you can buy and their eye-appeal. Man-made diamonds are limited in size based on a number of factors during the manufacturing process. So, if you’re looking to buy a massive engagement ring, or to surprise your significant other with jewelry that’ll turn heads, you’re better off going with a natural diamond.

Making a Selection

At this point, selecting between man-made and natural diamonds comes down to price point and personal preference. If a smaller stone will do, then man-made is the more economical choice. However, many diamond miners that source their stones ethically would probably disagree with that assessment. In the future, however, lab grown diamonds may supersede natural stones in price, size and quality, which will change the dynamics of the purchasing process.

Whether you decide to purchase a natural or man-made diamond, we can help you find the perfect stone to meet your needs. To view diamond jewelry and related products, be sure to visit our website: http://snowsjewelry.com/