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One of the top jewelry design trends for 2016 is the use of two significant stones within a single piece. A two-stone design signifies the special bond that is formed between two individuals and is a favorite setting choice for engagement rings or anniversary gifts.

For some, two-stone designs are symbols of duality, and can be a powerful personal reminder of the parent/child bond, the distinction between personal and professional achievements or the mind/body balance. No matter why the dual stone trend speaks to you personally, there are a plethora of choices available to browse.

The History of Two-Stone Jewelry

Two-stone jewelry designs have been used for centuries. In fact, Napoleon Bonaparte presented his wife Josephine with a two-stone engagement ring. The ring featured two teardrop stones, one diamond and one sapphire, set in opposition to one another.

That design stood as a symbol of Napoleon’s passion for his soon-to-be wife and is a style that would be popular even today. The two-stone trend continued to be popular into the late 1940s and can be found in many examples of Art Noveau and Art Deco pieces from that time.

Applications of Two-Stone Design

There are a number of ways that two-stone settings can be used to create gorgeous pieces of jewelry. In regard to rings, one of the most popular and striking designs places two stones of similar size and shape at the ends of a wrapped band of gold or silver.

The ring appears to embrace the finger, and each stone is set slightly off from the other. This style is highly sought after for engagement and anniversary rings, and many people choose to accent the coiled design with smaller stones on the band itself.

Another way that two stones can be integrated into a piece is by stacking. Placing two stones atop one another creates a stunning focal point on a larger piece, such as a pendant. Here again, the two stones can symbolize the bond between two people.

A two-stone pendant is often used as a gift for a mother, and will include the birthstones of two children. A similar design could incorporate the birthstones of each parent, surrounded by the smaller birthstones of each child.

There is a wide range of options when it comes to selecting a piece of jewelry that features a two-stone design. We invite you to visit Snow’s Jewelers to learn more about these options, and to discuss your next jewelry investment.