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If you have a love for jewelry and want to start a collection, but find that focusing on one specific collection is too much for your wallet to handle, a Ti Sento Milano collection is the perfect place to start.

Ti Sento Milano

The Ti Sento Milano collection consists of beautiful, glamorous jewelry pieces that are perfect for any occasion.

When it launched in 2003, Ti Sento Milano’s primary focus was to create a line that was luxurious, fashionable and affordable. It proved to be quite the niche, and Ti Sento soon became its queen.

You will find beautiful 18-karat gold pieces accented with precious stones, or sterling silver pieces featuring cubic zirconia in all sorts of shapes and sizes. One of the best things about Ti Sento Milano is that the designs can give off a mature style and look while also maintaining a playful charm. Mixing and matching the pieces in the collection creates a unique look that is sure to turn heads.

Starting Your Collection

There are so many stunning Ti Sento Milano pieces to choose from that choosing your first collection piece may seem overwhelming. Take your time and start with the pieces you will most often wear, such as a ring.

Decide how much you want to spend, keep in mind that one of these collection pieces typically cost very little more than good costume jewelry and the selections you choose will appreciate with age. The good news about sterling silver is that it will compliment any skin tone, eye color and hair color, so you will only have to limit your decisions to the stone color. What outfits will accompany the jewelry you wear the most? If you are somewhere who tends to dress casually, consider choosing a necklace with a light-colored, simple shaped stone. But, if you prefer your first piece to be something more formal, consider a string of pearls.

One of the best pieces of jewelry to begin a collection with is earrings. When choosing a pair of Ti Sento Milano earrings, it is important to consider the shape of your face in relation to the earrings. For example, a small, delicate face may seem overpowered by a pair of large-scale earrings. Try to choose an earring shape that will compliment your face type, for example:

  • Round faces should avoid round shaped earrings, instead opt for drop or dangle earrings, which will make the face appear longer.
  • Heart-shaped faces should wear earrings that will make the chin appear wider, such as chandeliers or teardrops.
  • Rectangular/square-shaped faces should choose earrings that will carry the eye away from the square shape, such as wide oval shaped earrings or spiral shaped earrings.

Now that you have started your collection, it is important to take the appropriate care of your jewelry pieces. Place jewelry in a small plastic bag to prevent scratching, before placing in a box. Always store jewelry away from light, heat and moisture. Remember to talk with your jeweler about the best way to clean the particular type of jewelry you have.
Shopping at Snow’s Jewelers makes starting a Ti Sento Milano collection fun and easy. We have a wide variety of Ti Sento Milano rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings to choose from, so we have something to suit everyone’s style.