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Winter is slowly fading away, which means it is almost time to start planning for spring break and summer vacations. One of the most tedious parts of getting ready for vacation is the packing.

As you are picking out the outfits you will wear, you will also be picking out the jewelry you want to take. Regardless of whether you are traveling across town or across the country, the jewelry you bring along may be the most valuable items you packed.

Here are three tips for travel planning that will help ensure your jewelry is kept safe.

Swap it Out

For the times during your vacation when you will be in large crowds or for days at the beach, consider wearing costume jewelry or less expensive pieces. For example, if you have a favorite charm bracelet that would look great with your beachwear, it may draw attention to would be thieves.

Instead, consider swapping it out for a simple, delicate chain to wear with your beachwear. Wearing jewelry that is simple, yet attractive, will give you the look you are looking for without drawing too much attention.

Make a List

If you decide to take a few valuable pieces of jewelry on vacation with you, check your insurance policies to see if you are covered during a trip. Make a list of all the jewelry you are taking with you.

Bring one copy of the list with you (keep it in your jewelry bag) and leave one copy of the list at home. It is also suggested that you take a picture of each piece of jewelry on the list, in case your insurance company requires a picture.

Hotel Safe

If you are taking valuable pieces of jewelry with you, call ahead to the hotel where you will be staying and make sure they have a safety deposit box to store your items in upon arrival. Unfortunately, hotel rooms are common places for thieves and even if your insurance company covers the loss, some pieces, such as your grandmother’s ring, can never be replaced if stolen. So, always store valuables in the hotel’s safety box or the mini safe in your room.

Whenever possible, keep your valuable pieces of jewelry with you on the way to your destination. For example, when flying, your jewelry should be stored in your carry-on bag, not in the luggage you check-in. When storing jewelry for travel, it should be packed in a small, secure container that will not be easily crushed or easily opened. Always make sure to wrap your jewelry in the appropriate cloth before storing in the container.