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Traditional engagement rings are beautiful and meaningful, but a non-traditional engagement ring can be that and so much more, reflecting the personality that makes you, well, you. There are a variety of unique engagement rings available, and more options for unusual wedding jewelry become available online and in jewelry stores every day. At Snow’s Jewelers, choose from our unique selection of engagement rings or work with us to create a custom, one-of-a-kind ring. 

Colored Gemstones

One of the easiest ways to break the mold with your engagement ring is by swapping our the diamond for another gemstone. Maybe you’ve just never been that keen on diamonds or you think another gem represents your personality better. Take rubies, for example. Not only is the gem tough and durable, but the deep red color can represent love and passion. Rubies are considered the queen of gems, and in ancient times they were far more valuable than diamonds. We actually just mounted a 2 carat peridot in a simple solitaire Tiffany setting, and had another young lady visit the store looking for an emerald engagement ring. 

Alternative Cuts 

Whether you’re sticking with the traditional diamond or opting for a different gem stone, you can take your engagement ring one step further with an unusual cut. We’ve all seen the always popular round and princess cut gems, but there are so many other options available. There’s the cushion cut, pear shaped gems and radiant cut diamonds. You can even use the emerald cut on a regular diamond, or have your gemstone cut in the shape of a heart. We are currently working with a couple to design an engagement ring using a Mandarin orange garnet in a pear shape. We’ve never seen anything like it before, and we know the future bride is going to love her one-of-a-kind ring. 

Interesting Bands 

The gem isn’t everything. The band can be just as unique. Perhaps the perfect ring is not simply a gold or silver band, but a braid representing entwining lives; a leaf representing a growing family tree; or perhaps a crown, representing the way the groom feels about the bride. You can have one stone to show off on the band, or you can have 10 stones that wrap all the way around the finger. You could choose a puzzle ring to symbolize the intricacies of marriage, or you could choose a unique shape that represents the two of you. The possibilities are endless. 

There is no need to be tied to the idea of a traditional engagement ring; there are hundreds of interesting and unique engagement rings that are perfect for you and your soon-to-be spouse. Whether you choose a different stone, a unique style, or a special band, your ring will be perfect for you. Snow’s Jewelers offers a variety of ideal engagement rings for the traditional and non-traditional alike, so don’t wait! Stop in and find the perfect engagement ring today.