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When it comes to rings, no two are the same. The differences are especially glaring when it comes to ring settings. There are a variety of different settings, each with its own unique advantages. Some go for a fully tailored ring setting service by opting for a custom wedding jewelry design at the jewelry store. Others choose to select one of the popular ring settings that they’ve seen on their friends, family, social media etc. Let’s take a look at some of the most common settings.

Engagement Ring With Prong Setting Prong Setting

The most popular ring setting is referred to as the prong setting. The name “prong” comes from the small metal claw that grabs the diamond and firmly secures it. Prongs can be all sorts of shapes, from V-shaded to rounded, flat etc. The V-shape is especially popular for princess-cut style diamonds. The majority of prong settings have four or six prongs. The advantage of four prongs is the ability to see the diamond in full. With little metal, the diamond is prominently featured and light passes through it with ease.

Bezel Setting

The second most common ring setting is called the bezel. It is best described as a contemporary aesthetic favored by those who are constantly on the run. It doesn’t snag and the diamond stays well-protected, regardless of one’s activities. Rather than holding the diamond by prongs, this setting uses a metal rim to encircle the center stone or diamond. Bezel settings can be either partial or full. The full variety completely encircles the diamond while the partial one allows the sides to remain open.

Channel Setting

This ring setting allows more diminutive diamonds to be prominently featured. With a channel setting, diamonds are placed in a row in the ring’s band. It essentially builds a nice metal channel of lovely stones. The diamonds sit within the channel grooves and sparkle along the band in full or its sides.

Engagement Ring with Halo SettingHalo Setting

The halo setting features diamonds in a square or concentric circle around a single larger stone placed in the center. The halo style makes the middle stone more noticeable. It is the ideal ring setting for those who have a small diamond but still want a big look.