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What Ring Setting Should You Choose?

When it comes to rings, no two are the same. The differences are especially glaring when it comes to ring settings. There are a variety of different settings, each with its own unique advantages. Some go for a fully tailored ring setting service by opting for a custom...

A Look at The History of October’s Birthstones

October’s Birthstones – Did you know that those born in October have an option of two birthstones?¬†It’s true. October babies can have their choice of opal or¬†tourmaline. So why does October have two when other months only have one? The practice of...

Easy Ways to Clean Sterling Silver Jewelry

Why bother going to a fine jewelry store to purchase quality sterling silver jewelry if you aren’t going to maintain it? Sterling silver likes to be worn: with daily wear, your jewelry gets the movement it needs to keep itself clean. But if you’re storing...