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September 9 – 20

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Memories and rites of passage light the mind and make for hidden delights during the day. One of the most exquisitely pleasurable ways comes as owning a Chamilia charms bracelet. Sterling silver glistening against flesh tones in a contemporary, beautiful, and symbolic way makes the best use of jewelry. Expertly crafted these fine pieces of jewelry highlight the silver with Swarovski crystals, Italian Murano glass, and even zirconia.

How to Capture Passion?

Love is what we seek and expressions of love in a charm bracelet engages not only the wearer but also the person viewing. A bit a voyeurism comes in a charm bracelet since it gives a hint of the wearers’ life sometimes intimately. Moments of passion captured in warm silver gleaming to others in crystal beauty with a flash of diamond light.

Chamilia Bracelet Options

Chamilia charms come with zodiac collection, milestones, and celebrations. Zodiac in its teardrop silver libations drips with artistic flair. A diagonal banner with scripted zodiac sign catches the eye as sketched symbols of goats, bulls, twins, arrows, and a scorpion among others strategically placed. Chamilia comes with wisdom milestones for those special times when an event needs marking. Formed in a three dimensional hexagonal bead, numbers come displayed in an expressive design that starts a conversation about life and relationships. The third option comes as celebrations where the designers had freedom to create their interpretation of an event. Charming depictions of chalices, leaves, and champagne bubbly of family or lover forever displayed on a light grey circle of love on the wrist. Also in this collection a pattern reminiscent of the flower of life encrusted with two gems per petal graces the wrist. As the light streams on the raised petals the shadows in between the petals give the illusion of a gentle wind swaying the flower.