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Pregnancy has many gifts like sitting in the sun enjoying watching a baby swim around your tummy.  A person’s face lights up as your baby kicks and moves letting you know the time of its arrival will be soon. Best of all giving presents shows appreciation for a time of life that exhilarates but takes major life changes. Having a baby often becomes the best thing a couple accomplishes. Giving a push gift says I love you.

Personalized Items

While you are relaxing at home engaging in couple time consider talking about push gift items at Snow’s Jewelers. Looking at the KC display there, the baby feet engravable disk speaks to many couples. Push gifts can come before, during or after the baby comes. Many of the items have mini initials. Best of all the choices become easily personalized or customized.

Soho Collection Bangles

Stainless Steel Stackable Fashion Bangles

Stylish Bracelets

The Gabriel display has a selection of soho bangles. A novel idea that gives a bit different feel to a love affair even if it is with a baby. Encircling the wrist the bangle comes in many styles and shades. Consider adding a birthstone of the month. Diamonds are not the only gem available. Ruby, sapphires and emeralds each have their own beauty. Many gifts exist with exquisite filigree or styling that you may not have thought of and having a place to view other styles gives a good feel. Making a loved one feel happy during pregnancy is good for the baby as well.

Making Memories

Most people make it a family tradition to go to Snow’s Jewelers for marking important events in their lives. Starting with an engagement ring to wedding ring why not get and give push gifts. They feel like family. Going to a place family owned has a different feel. They understand family dynamics and occasions. It feel like a grand uncle or aunt guiding your life’s important decisions. They have many suggestions for a push gift. Snow’s Jewelers is someone you can trust like a good church family always there, always helping, and always showing you the other possibilities.