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Springtime is here and this means a whole new array of fashion. Spring fashion has a few surprises for 2015, as pieces are a bit untraditional in nature. Snow’s Jewelers has several exciting pieces, allowing you to have the latest and greatest in the trends of this spring.

Bold and Thick

Necklaces this spring include chunky pieces in gold, silver, onyx and mother-of-pearl. Geometrical shapes are in, as well. Rather than long chains, opt for choker-style neck pieces. These wide necklaces look great in solid colors, allowing you to accent floral or patterned apparel. Stacking necklaces is also a popular spring trend, along with large pendants in bright colors.

Total Opposites

The newest fad in jewelry is to wear two different earrings. Runway fashion has shown several instances with models wearing two different colors of the same earring, two of the same color earring in two sizes, or one dangling earring and one studded earring. Because of this diversity, this exciting spring trend can be pulled off in a variety of ways.

Colors of the Season

Yellow gold is still very much in high demand this spring. Along with this, bright floral colors such as red, purple, and pink are the colors of the season. Usually springtime means pastels, but this year summertime colors are hitting the fashion world a bit early.


Dragonflies, butterflies, fish, and ladybugs are all hot this spring. Snow’s Jewelers has a variety of small-creature-inspired jewelry to match the season. Flowers are also popular this spring. Rings, bracelets, charms, and pendants that incorporate flowers, insects, or fish are all top trends of the season. Beach-inspired jewelry with starfish or shells is also “in” this spring.

Stackable Jewelry

Stackable rings or wearing a ring on each ringer alternating the joint it highlights is popular for the spring/summer season. Stick with one color/one theme, such as all silver rings with flowers upon them, or all gold rings with a sea-inspired motif. Stackable bracelets are in. Mix solid-colored bracelets with beaded bracelets, bracelets with flowers, or leather bands with small charms.