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With spring comes a bevy of beautiful new designs and fun fashion trends. Bright colors and interesting combinations of metals will provide gorgeous jewelry for the upcoming season. The following are the top 5 jewelry trends for spring.

1. Mismatched Earrings

Wearing a solitary earring has given way to the unbalanced look. Earrings that provide enough of a difference to make a statement can be worn in an assortment of shapes, interesting color combinations, and varying lengths. Mismatched earrings can even send a message, with a specific word or shape in each ear.

2. Bold Chokers

There’s really nothing off limits when it comes to the type of designs and the materials used to make a great looking choker. Heavy metals, bright beads, and tanned leather are just a few of the many options. Chokers don’t have to stop at the neck anymore. Many of the most beautiful designs include pieces that have dangling gems or delicate strands hanging well below the neck.

3. Anything Brass

Brass will be one of the most popular metals used in jewelry design this spring. Brass works well as a choker, a bracelet, and even as a pendant surrounding vibrant gems. Big bold earrings, delicately designed rings, and statement necklaces that are intricate works of art will be designed using brass. There are also lots of shades to choose from, including deep coppers and rich golds.

4. Retro 70s

The revamped hippie look, especially for necklaces and earrings, will be popular this upcoming season. Not only does this include bright colors and different sized beads, but bold designs and interesting geometric pieces. Combinations of different materials (and even wood) will be used to make an almost endless variety of intricate and eye-catching designs.

5. Stacking RingsSpinning Jewelry 1

Layered looks are definitely in style for all types of fashion and jewelry. What makes this trend so fun is that there are so many options for layering and stacking rings. Mix and match metals and add a few gemstones for a touch of color. Stackable rings can be found in sets, but it can be more alluring to buy them separately and create an individual fashion statement.

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