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Jewelry RepairMany people consider their jewelry an investment and also a very sentimental part of their lives. Most pieces of jewelry are given as a gift by someone you love, purchased to commemorate special occasions and milestones or passed down from generation to generation. Either way, your jewelry is significant to you, and that is why keeping it well maintained and repaired is important.

Why People Don’t Repair

Most pieces of jewelry are small in size, and when they become broken or damaged, they are quickly tucked away in a jewelry box for safe keeping. Out of sight, out of mind – is very much true when it comes to jewelry. Most people simply forget that they have pieces of jewelry that are in need of repair. Another reason it stays in hiding is that people assume that jewelry repair is expensive. Here at Snow’s Jewelers, we offer free estimates on all of our repairs whether it is to replace a missing stone, sizing or a watch overhaul. In most cases, having a piece of jewelry repaired and restored to its original beauty will be just a fraction of what you paid for the piece in the first place.

Types of Repairs

At Snow’s Jewelers, we have over 50 years in experience with both jewelry and watch repairs. Types of jewelry repairs may include having missing gemstones or diamonds replaced, reset or tightening prongs. We suggest stopping in about every six months to a year to have the prongs checked on engagement rings. The last thing you want is to have a diamond loose and fall out.

We also, resize watches and replace batteries on the spot. If you go in the water with the watch, our watchmaker will replace the gasket, seals and pressurize the watch to ensure there will be no leakage when enjoying water activities.

Preventing Damage

Another great way to keep your jewelry well maintained is by preventing damage in the first place. Having the prongs on valuable diamond rings checked periodically is a proven method for ensuring you do not lose your precious stone. It is also a good idea to have loose catches fixed immediately, so that you are not tempted to wear the piece of jewelry and then lose it. A lost piece of jewelry can be heartbreaking, especially if it had great sentimental value.

Visit us at Snow’s Jewelers to have your broken or damaged jewelry evaluated for repair. Our highly trained team can evaluate your items and restore them to their original condition.