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Individuals lucky enough to have their birthday in February have the perfect reason to adorn themselves in amethyst jewelry. The official February birthstone, amethyst, is considered a symbol of strength and empowerment. Historically coupled with the drinking of wine, it exhibits a vibrant purple hue which looks beautiful when placed in jewelry.

Origins of Amethyst

In addition to being the birthstone of the month of February, amethyst is also used to mark the 6th and 17th wedding anniversary. Purple amethyst is often associated with royalty. British royalty and Catholic bishops, alike, have adorned themselves with amethyst jewelry. It has been a part of religious jewelry and affixed to royal crowns for centuries. Ancient folklore claims that amethyst will grant its wearer magical powers which may be the reason the stone is still associated with power today.

St. Valentine, the patron of romantic love, was also said to have wore an amethyst ring carved with the image of a Cupid. And, Leonardo Di Vinci once wrote that the amethyst gemstone quickens intelligence and gets rid of evil thoughts. Bring on the amethyst we say!

Raw Amethyst Crystals

Color Variation

Ideally, when shopping for amethyst jewelry color should be at the top of your consideration. Amethyst of the highest quality should reflect a strong reddish purple to purple color with no visible color zoning. However, if the stone becomes too dark in tone, it may look opaque under lighting and there for depreciate in value.  Interestingly enough, amethyst can also be found in a light lilac hue. This color is equally as desirable and valuable; however, one must be vigilant of clarity in this hue. Inclusions hide better in a darker shade of amethyst.

If you are searching for high-quality amethyst in a variety of different hues, look no further than Snow’s Jewelers. We have a huge selection of amethyst jewelry in stock ready to be worn and adorned.