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Ever thine. Ever Mine. Ever Ours.

~ Ludwig van Beethoven  Cupid has struck and you are madly in love. You have finally met the one who has captured your heart for a lifetime. This year just might be the right time for you to pop the question. It can be a very exciting experience and also a little...

Diamond Trends for 2015

If you are in the market for an engagement ring or new piece of diamond jewelry, you’ll want to make sure you consider the latest diamond trends and most popular cuts. Just like other fashion items, the trends for diamonds and other gemstones change throughout the...

Surprise! You Got Jewelry

One of the most memorable gifts that money can buy has historically been and will always be jewelry. Nothing quite says “I love you” more than that perfect bracelet, ring, necklace, or even sparkling earrings because it is something she will treasure for...

Garnet: January’s Diverse Birthstone

What is Garnet? Garnet, January’s birthstone, is most commonly recognized as a dark, deep red gemstone also known as almandine. However, people are surprised to learn garnet actually can be found in a diverse set of colors. Garnet’s rainbow-like collection...