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If you are looking for some new jewelry for a special occasion like a wedding, a birthday, or the holidays, take a look at our beautiful collection of geometric pieces. You’ll likely be tempted to pick something out even if you don’t have a reason to celebrate and just want to feel pretty. Geometric jewelry is built with conventional shapes that often make use of sharp angles. These pieces have gone in and out of style for hundreds of years. They’ve re-emerged onto the fashion scene this year thanks to the trendsetters and fashionistas who’ve been sporting them on their ears and arms.

Part of why geometric jewelry has seen resurgence in popularity is its simplicity. It has straightforward design elements that create a striking aesthetic. Our geometric pieces are made of simple shapes like squares, rectangles, triangles, and ovals. You’ll love their minimalism. These pieces really catch the eyes of onlookers because they are so different from other overly detailed and complex jewelry designs.

Geometric Jewelry

You can find geometric jewelry in the form of earrings, pendants, and necklaces. While these designs aren’t highly detailed, they certainly make a strong visual impression. In a word, geometric jewelry is best described as bold. People of all ages and ethnicities find them to be intriguing, as they represent the shapes that are inherent to nature. There are squares, rectangles, triangles, and ovals all over the planet, regardless of what country one lives in. When we see these shapes in the form of jewelry, we feel a sense of identity and peacefulness.

Yet geometric jewelry isn’t merely all about natural shapes. The surfaces of these pieces are often decorated to add some visual flare that complements the sharp angles and natural patterns. Along with our plain pieces, we have geometric jewelry that is set with colored stones and diamonds that make them all the more beautiful.

Yet most women don’t shop for geometric jewelry for shiny stones. They are more interested in the unique shapes, because there is so much simplicity in their designs. Plenty of them have a series of contrasting colors that create quite the stunning visual. We have pieces made with non-traditional colors like grey and brown that exhibit the irreverence for convention that fashionistas crave. When an unconventional color palette is paired with these natural shapes, you have unique jewelry that really makes a statement.