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If you know someone with a November birthday, odds are you’ve thought about buying them a special piece of jewelry to commemorate their birthday. At Snow’s Jewelers, November birthstone jewelry shoppers are often surprised to learn that there are two birthstones for November. Topaz and citrine are both traditional stones for people with November birthdays, but it can be hard to make a decision about which type of stone to pick.

In fact, many people mistakenly assume that these two stones are the same thing. Thousands of years ago, it was very common for people to assume that any kind of yellow or orange-colored gemstone was topaz. In actuality, topaz is a very unique family of gemstones that come in a wide variety of colors. Citrine, on the other hand is very similar in color to yellow topaz, but is actually part of the quartz family.

The most valuable type of topaz is called Imperial Topaz, named after the Russian Czars who used it in jewelry and many palace decorations throughout the 1800s. This stone is primarily orange in color with pink to light red undertones. Other members of the topaz family, however, come in all different shades of yellow, purple, pink, orange, and of course, blue. Varieties of topaz can be found all over the world.

Citrine quartz, or citrine as it’s most commonly known, comes in a wide array of yellows, browns and oranges. The stone is most commonly found in the central region of South America and Spain. Among many native tribes in South America, citrine is believed to have healing abilities. It’s said that wearing the stone can help to guide hope and give energy and warmth.

November birthstone ring November birthstone ring November birthstone ring

At Snow’s Jewelers, we have an array of pieces featuring both topaz and citrine to fit any budget. Topaz is an excellent choice for people who want a traditional stone but also want to have a lot of choice in the color. Blue topaz is one of the most popular items on many wish lists, and we have a large selection of earrings, bracelets, and necklaces featuring this stone.