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Buying an Engagement Ring Online vs. In Store

Whether you are buying an engagement ring or have finally asked her and now have to search for wedding bands, the task of finding the perfect diamond can be overwhelming. It is no secret that e-commerce shopping has become the new way to buy everything from groceries to clothing, but when it comes to engagement rings and wedding rings, is it better to buy online or at a jewelry store? Although both options have their benefits, shopping at a traditional store such as Snow’s Jewelers, provides certain benefits that simply cannot be experienced when you shop online. Opportunity to Compare Although you may have a good idea of what diamond shape your future fiancé prefers or what size diamond you are looking for, but it can be extremely difficult to find the perfect engagement ring or wedding rings if you cannot compare several rings with your own eyes. The majority of online stores include photographs with the description, but a photograph cannot capture the true beauty of a diamond. When shopping at Snow’s Jewelers, you will have the opportunity to look at a variety of diamond rings that are within your budget, so you can determine which one is the perfect choice. Assistance and Education There are four main components to a diamond — the cut, clarity, color and carat. Before you begin searching online for the perfect diamond, it is important to familiarize yourself with what these things mean and the role they play in choosing the perfect diamond. Shopping at an independent jewelry store means you do not have to overwhelm yourself with the task of learning what it all...

Fun Facts You Never Knew About Pearls

Outside of diamonds, pearls are the most popular and timeless type of gemstone. Pearl jewelry has been a staple form of jewelry for women for centuries. They are often associated with wisdom and with water and have been seen as a symbol of power, class and sophistication. Pearls also have a vast array of myths associated with them. For example, many people believed that when an oyster would rise to the surface of the water at dawn, it would collect dew drops in its opened shell, which would later turn into a pearl. From the 15th to 17th century, it was believed that pearls were only the oysters’ eggs. Crazy, huh? Whether you love pearl jewelry or you thrive on a good trivia challenge, here are a few fun and interesting facts about pearls. How Pearls are Really Created From dew drops to sand, there have been several myths as to how a pearl is created, but the fact is, pearls are actually an organic material. They are formed by a living organism known as a mollusk, which creates a pearl when a tiny particle or seed is implanted in the shell. In fact, the pearl is the only gemstone to be extracted from living animals. A pearl can be created by any mollusk that has a shell, but pearls are typically created by mollusks with two shells. Depending on the type of mollusk and the water conditions, it can take anywhere from a couple of months to several years for a pearl to develop. And if you’ve ever wondered what the difference between saltwater and freshwater pearls is, it...

Commemorate Marriage Milestones With an Anniversary Remount

The proposal is years in the past. You’ve said your vows and even exchanged rings. All of these moments in your journey with your partner have served as a symbol of your love and the promise you made to each other. But what if you want to recreate that symbol today? One of the ways couples have chosen to commemorate the milestones in their marriage is by creating anniversary rings. With anniversary rings, you can simply buy a new ring to be stacked alongside your wedding and engagement rings, or you can redesigning your current rings and transform them into something new. In fact, Snow’s Jewelry provides just such a service. We refer to it as an anniversary remount and have a brochure to help spur your own creativity. Any of the diamonds, gems and metals in your rings can be re-made into the ring setting you’ve always dreamed of. By re-setting a diamond for you and one for your spouse, you can create a very special vow renewal ceremony for your next milestone anniversary. The new trends in wedding bands and engagement ring settings will impress you with their timeless elegance, and remounted diamonds and gems will bring you a lifetime of pleasure. You just have to find the setting style that will take your breath away. Here are some ideas for settings you might like for your anniversary remount. Bar The bar setting has your diamonds lined along the band and held tightly in place with metal bars between them. This setting is great for an eternity ring, where the gems are set around the entire band. Tension This setting has the stone clasped...

Don’t Miss Out on Our Chamilia Summer Sale

If you’ve ever agonized over what to give your special lady for your anniversary, her birthday, Mother’s Day or just because, you need not put yourself through such a wringer anymore. Once you bestow her with a Chamilia charm bracelet, you always have a gift idea ready and waiting for you! Handsomely crafted from .925 sterling silver and 14k gold, the bracelets themselves are lovely even before adding charms. The charms incorporate genuine Swarovski crystals, Italian Murano glass and brilliant zirconia, making them the perfect adornment for every occasion. A great time to surprise her with this beautiful and affordable bracelet with its first charm is right now during Snow’s Jewelry  Chamilia summer sale! We’re offering 50 percent off all Chamilia items! Here are just a few suggestions to get you started. Summer Be timely with a charm celebrating picnics, sunshine and nostalgic road trips. The summer collection features a Radiant Sun bead, a cute vintage camper, beautiful flowers and even a pitcher of ice cold lemonade! Seaside What summer is complete without a trip to the beach? You can find stunning charms featuring sea shells and palm trees that are sure to delight even a landlubber. If the sea is calling your name, you can pick up this cute little sailboat or ocean waves charm. Birthstones Of course, you can make charm bracelets super personal with birthstones. You can buy a charm with your own birthstone or with the birthstones for close loved ones and children. Wearing nothing but birthstone charms creates a splendid look all on its own. But don’t stop at her birth month, give her a zodiac charm, too! Beautiful Beads The extraordinary charms available...