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Choosing the Perfect Newborn Baby Gifts

Are you expecting a new baby in the family? Finding the right gift for a newborn can be a huge challenge–especially if you want to give something more meaningful than the standard baby clothes, receiving blankets, and diapers. For a gift that could easily become an heirloom, stay out of the big box stores and think about choosing something one-of-a-kind instead. Personalized Blankets Instead of giving receiving blankets or generic baby blankets, go for something unique–and something big enough that the baby will still be able to use when they’re bigger! A quick search for “personalized baby blankets” will yield countless results, from cotton thermal blankets with traditional name and birthdate embroidery across a corner to contemporary, stylized names printed across a buttery-soft background. Take the new baby’s parents into account and choose a style that reflects their personality, as well! Engraved Gifts You might not think to stop by a jewelry store when shopping for baby, but you might find the perfect choice in between the engagement rings and charm bracelets. Personalized baby bracelets (complete with a name or a name and birthdate) and birthstone jewelry make beautiful, high-quality gifts for baby girls. Engraved silver or pewter baby rattles also pair sophistication with personality that makes each gift unique. Keepsakes Memory boxes, personalized photo frames, and even engraved baby cups or plates all give parents (and children) a way to hold on to the first days of babyhood that fly by so quickly. Want something that’s more for the parents than for the baby? So-called “push” gifts are a great way to congratulate a mom on growing and delivering...

Gift Ideas for Your Flower Girl

Most flower girls are age 10 and younger, so they might wbe a little nervous and/or scared to be a part of such a big day. While most brides-to-be know that it is customary to give a gift to each of her bridesmaids, it’s nice to get a gift for your flower girl as well. You’ll make her feel special by giving her a special piece of jewelry. here are some ideas. Sparkle Heart Necklace  Snow’s Jewelers has a wide range of jewelry options that are suitable for a flower girl, including the Kit Heath collection with pieces that are inspired by Wedding Belle. For flower girls who age 7 to 10, there are several types of jewelry options to choose from. For example, little girls at that age who have pierced ears would adore the Sparkle Heart necklace set, which has an optional ring and earrings to match. Pearl Daisy Set  Are you and/or your bridesmaids wearing pearls? If so, consider giving your flower girl the Heart and Daisy Pearl set by Wedding Belle. This adorable set includes a pearl necklace and a bracelet with a silver, engravable heart charm. To make her feel even more special, have her name or the words “flower girl” engraved on the heart charm. Beautiful Pink Butterfly Bracelets are also an adorable jewelry gift that brides can give their flower girl. The Beautiful Pink Butterfly bracelet would make a great gift that she can continue to wear for many years to come. A bracelet with a removable charm is also a precious idea because she can remove the charm and use it for...

Natural Diamonds vs. Man-Made: What’s the Real Difference?

When you purchase a diamond ring, necklace or earrings, it’s important to know you’re getting authentic gemstones that are of the highest quality. Given the abundance of lab produced diamonds currently on the market, many shoppers are asking whether the quality is the same as natural gemstones. The real difference, however, is only in the source, size and price of the diamonds. Advantages of Man-Made Diamonds Man-made diamonds are sourced from labs, which eliminates concerns associated with conflict diamonds. Conflict diamonds are so termed, because they are mined in conflict zones and used to finance warfare, which is detrimental on a number of moral and ethical levels. Also, man-made diamonds tend to be less expensive to source compared to natural gems. These are just a few of the advantages, and the diamonds are just as authentic as natural stones. The Case for Natural Diamonds Natural diamonds range in size, color and complexity, giving you more options in terms of the size of the diamonds you can buy and their eye-appeal. Man-made diamonds are limited in size based on a number of factors during the manufacturing process. So, if you’re looking to buy a massive engagement ring, or to surprise your significant other with jewelry that’ll turn heads, you’re better off going with a natural diamond. Making a Selection At this point, selecting between man-made and natural diamonds comes down to price point and personal preference. If a smaller stone will do, then man-made is the more economical choice. However, many diamond miners that source their stones ethically would probably disagree with that assessment. In the future, however, lab grown...

Two Tips for Wearing Stackable Rings

If you’re looking for a new way to set yourself apart from others in a crowd, then stacking wedding rings is a fun way to let your bling speak for you. Stackable rings offer a highly customizable look, so it’s all about your preferences and how you feel. There are certain things to think about, though, while you’re choosing rings, such as not overdoing it and mixing in some diversity, for maximum effect. Don’t Overdo It While stacking calls for adding multiple rings to your fingers, overdoing it with too many rings can make you look like you’re trying too hard. It’s important to find that perfect balance between open space on your fingers and having enough bling to let people know that you are following this trend. Drawing attention to a select number of rings will showcase your taste in jewelry. It’s important to think about the width of the bands you’re going to stack, because that will determine how many you need and the amount of money you’ll need to invest. You’ll also need to make sure that the rings don’t block one another out. Mix in Some Diversity Picking themes for your stackable rings, such as a single type of metal or gemstone, can be useful in designing a look. That being said, try to add a little diversity. This could mean putting rings at different points on your fingers, and adjusting the angle at which gemstones face in order to create a certain look. The size and color of the gemstones you pick can be adjusted as well so that you can express yourself to...