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Jewelry Spotlight: Officina Bernardi

Snow’s Jewelers, fine jewelers since 1958, would like to introduce you to the outstanding and elegant Officina Bernardi collection. Officina Bernardi is owned by the holding company Chrysos Spa, which has been exporting and manufacturing silver and gold chains around the world since 1987. In 2008 they created the Moon bead, a small gold or silver bead which shines brightly because of its unique diamond cutting. The Moon bead is the distinctive trait of Officina Bernardi jewelry. This collection is a must-see. The Silver Collection Officina Bernardi’s Silver Collection include the Cometa, Rosa, Astro, Fiocco, Kosmos, Fiore, Ovalstation, Teardrop, Sole, Tube, Saturno, Gothic Mars, Moon Collections, and many more. The Cometa Collection reinterprets the comet, which was originally called a “long-haired star,” in its new Spring-Summer collection. Sterling silver bracelets, earrings and necklaces are designed to show a comet lighting up the wearer’s body with its Moon beads. The Astro Collection bracelet sparkles with Moon beads, and can be worn layered with remarkable effect. The Kosmos Collection gives tribute to the astral world, with rings and necklaces bearing a simple, yet classical use of Moon beads. The necklace, bracelet, and earrings of the Selene collection are arranged beside each other in a beautiful display of brightness. The Moon Collection gets its name from the elegant Moon beads, reminding us of a brilliant white moon shining brightly against the darkness of the white sky. These fabulous gold and silver Moon beads adorn bracelets, earrings, rings and necklaces. Snow’s Jewelers Snow’s Jewelers knows how important your jewelry is to you, so we handle only the best jewelry to be had at the most affordable prices. In addition to...

Yellow Gold is Gaining Popularity Again

Yellow gold has received a bad rap for looking old and outdated. Here in the U.S., yellow gold has been looked upon as out of fashion for the last two decades at least. But that’s all changing. New jewelry trends show that yellow gold is making a comeback in a serious way. This is great news! Aside from being gold in its purest form, yellow gold is hypoallergenic and is easier to clean than white gold or rose gold, which are mixed with other elements to get their coloring. Plus, gold is typically priced lower than other precious metals, such as platinum and titanium. Vintage Makes a Comeback From buyers who are looking for a modern take on a classic look to those who just need low maintenance jewelry, yellow gold has become the number one option once again. While platinum and white gold have dominated the jewelry markets since the mid-1990s, making white metals the mainstream for designer jewelry, vintage has made a strong comeback in recent years. And the more yellow the better. Because gold is such a soft metal, other elements are added that act as hardeners. For example, 24 karat gold is pure gold and therefore the softest and most yellow. As the karat decreases, such as in 18 karat gold or 14 karat gold, it means the gold is less pure and less yellow. Lower karat golds also tend to be less hypoallergenic. The Return of Yellow Gold More and more yellow gold jewelry items will start showing their faces in fashion magazines and jewelry cases throughout the U.S. as the trend continues to...

Great Graduation Gifts for Him and Her

Walking across the stage to receive a diploma is a milestone worthy of celebrating. No matter what accomplishment our loved-one has completed — high school, college or graduate school — a graduation is a big deal. A timeless piece of jewelry is the perfect way to commemorate this special occasion and reward your student for his or her achievements. Here are some suggestions to help you choose the ideal graduation gift for your loved one. Graduation Gifts For Her Snow’s Jewelers has a wide range of great gifts for female graduates. Whether you want something in silver, gold, with gemstones or without, there are a lot of great choices. It’s hard to go wrong with diamonds. There’s something about diamonds that says “sophistication,” which makes it a great gift for your graduate. Whether you choose a subtle pair of diamond earrings or a stunning diamond pendant from the KC Designs collection, you will truly be giving a timeless gift. A charm bracelet is perfect for either high school or college graduates. Giving a sterling silver charm bracelet with a graduation themed charmed is the perfect way to give a gift that you can continue to add to for each milestone in your graduate’s future. Graduation Gifts For Him Before you think that Snow’s Jewelers will only have gift ideas for the women in your life, think again. There are pieces that would make excellent gifts for men, such as cufflinks. Although cufflinks may be something you associate with an anniversary or wedding gift, an attractive pair of cufflinks is actually the perfect graduation gift. A nice pair of cuff...

The Appeal and Allure of Two-Stone Jewelry

One of the top jewelry design trends for 2016 is the use of two significant stones within a single piece. A two-stone design signifies the special bond that is formed between two individuals and is a favorite setting choice for engagement rings or anniversary gifts. For some, two-stone designs are symbols of duality, and can be a powerful personal reminder of the parent/child bond, the distinction between personal and professional achievements or the mind/body balance. No matter why the dual stone trend speaks to you personally, there are a plethora of choices available to browse. The History of Two-Stone Jewelry Two-stone jewelry designs have been used for centuries. In fact, Napoleon Bonaparte presented his wife Josephine with a two-stone engagement ring. The ring featured two teardrop stones, one diamond and one sapphire, set in opposition to one another. That design stood as a symbol of Napoleon’s passion for his soon-to-be wife and is a style that would be popular even today. The two-stone trend continued to be popular into the late 1940s and can be found in many examples of Art Noveau and Art Deco pieces from that time. Applications of Two-Stone Design There are a number of ways that two-stone settings can be used to create gorgeous pieces of jewelry. In regard to rings, one of the most popular and striking designs places two stones of similar size and shape at the ends of a wrapped band of gold or silver. The ring appears to embrace the finger, and each stone is set slightly off from the other. This style is highly sought after for engagement and anniversary rings, and many people choose to...

Featured Sellers: Ti Sento Fashion Jewelry

If you have a love for jewelry and want to start a collection, but find that focusing on one specific collection is too much for your wallet to handle, a Ti Sento Milano collection is the perfect place to start. Ti Sento Milano The Ti Sento Milano collection consists of beautiful, glamorous jewelry pieces that are perfect for any occasion. When it launched in 2003, Ti Sento Milano’s primary focus was to create a line that was luxurious, fashionable and affordable. It proved to be quite the niche, and Ti Sento soon became its queen. You will find beautiful 18-karat gold pieces accented with precious stones, or sterling silver pieces featuring cubic zirconia in all sorts of shapes and sizes. One of the best things about Ti Sento Milano is that the designs can give off a mature style and look while also maintaining a playful charm. Mixing and matching the pieces in the collection creates a unique look that is sure to turn heads. Starting Your Collection There are so many stunning Ti Sento Milano pieces to choose from that choosing your first collection piece may seem overwhelming. Take your time and start with the pieces you will most often wear, such as a ring. Decide how much you want to spend, keep in mind that one of these collection pieces typically cost very little more than good costume jewelry and the selections you choose will appreciate with age. The good news about sterling silver is that it will compliment any skin tone, eye color and hair color, so you will only have to limit your decisions to...