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Discover POSH mommy Jewelry

POSH mommy has come a long way from a humble handmade necklace company to a million dollar corporation. Snow’s Jewelers is proud to carry these unique jewelry items, and will happily pre-order any item to your liking. Something for Everyone You do not have to be a mom to enjoy this fashionable jewelry, but it is designed to make moms feel special and beautiful whether they enjoy modern trends or embrace traditional looks. Not only are the pieces themselves singular finds, but monogramming and engraving lend that special touch that truly puts these beauties in a category all their own. Let her know how wonderful she is by giving her something that can be purchased with only her in mind. Great Selection POSH mommy jewelry is all about personalization, which is a part of all the collections. Surprise her with a necklace made of her favorite precious metal engraved with her name and/or the name of her partner. Perhaps she would prefer a necklace or a bracelet with charms engraved with her children’s names. Choose from a variety of POSH mommy collections, including loops, discs, bars and nameplates, tags and all sorts of geometric shapes, with or without precious stones embedded in your choice of metal. Monograms, given names, terms of endearment, roman numerals and more are available for your choosing. Let the children pick something out and see mommy wear it every day or on special occasions. They Come in Miniatures Tiny POSH items are delicate little shapes that are sure to appeal to her feminine nature. They can be engraved and personalized to make such dainty pieces that much more precious.  Stackable rings in...

Featured Seller: Daniel Wellington Watches

Snow’s Jewelers is known for its quality products, extensive services and diverse selection of engagement rings, watches, charm bracelets, necklaces and one-of-a-kindof fine jewelry. Among our exceptional collections is Daniel Wellington watches. Designer Filip Tysander embraced his experiences while traveling to different countries, especially one with a British Isle native named Daniel Wellington. Tysander was impressed by the man’s singular style and manner, and managed to capture his spirit in a marvelous collection of watches. Simple Elegance Filip Tysander brings a simple elegance to traditional timepieces. Daniel Wellington watches are precise, with Japanese quartz movement, and are rain resistant. But with today’s technology like cellphones and tablets, keeping time has become a generic necessity. Tysander understands that personal timepieces are all about accessorizing, and his Daniel Wellington collection identifies with the preppy fashion trend. These watches are available with leather (Italian quality in brown or black with gold or silver plated braces) or NATO nylon straps (colorful patterns that reflect notions associated with the British Isles) that are interchangeable to suit any outfit or accent any wardrobe. Sophisticated Diversity The beauty of these watches lies in their ability to be so diverse while maintaining an air of sophistication. Daniel Wellington watches for women emphasize a simple design and a minimalist perspective in the strap as well as in the face. There are no clusters of jewels or gems, no bulky mechanisms, and no clutter within the faces of these pieces, not even numbers. Discreet, clean lines display analog time within the space of perfectly round cases made of gold, silver or rose gold finishes. Daniel Wellington watches for women are designed to follow the wearer wherever she goes. They are appropriate for the workplace,...

3 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Piece of Easter Jewelry

When shopping for the perfect Easter jewelry, the most popular choices are religious pieces, such as crosses and personalized religious medallions. Religious jewelry is no longer worn simply to symbolize one’s faith. It is also considered fashionable and stylish, but shopping for religious jewelry can sometimes be a challenge. The pieces vary in everything from the shape, design and color to the price, and purchases are sometimes made without using careful consideration for the person who will be wearing the jewelry. If you are planning a shopping trip to Snow’s Jewelers for a piece of religious jewelry and don’t know where to start, the following tips will help you get. Does it Speak to You? A piece of religious jewelry is a deeply personal object. The jewelry expresses to others something about you as well as shows your beliefs and the things that are sacred to you. Whether you are shopping for religious jewelry for yourself or to give as a gift, it is important to choose a piece that “speaks” to you. The piece of jewelry that you choose should be something you will love wearing or that you feel the recipient will love wearing. As soon as you begin looking at the various pieces of religious jewelry available at Snow’s Jewelers, there will be several pieces that draw your attention. Try to make your decision from these pieces. Neutral Design It is best to choose a piece of religious jewelry that has a neutral design. If the piece has a distinct or garish look, it can only be worn with certain outfits, so it is best to...

How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Band

Planning a wedding? It’s never early to choose a band that fits your personality and style, but the search can be overwhelming. These tips will help you narrow the playing field and find the perfect bands for you and your fiance. 1. Sit Down and Talk About It This might go without saying, but each ring is a statement of personality and both of you will be wearing them for the long haul, so it’s important to know what your significant other things about wedding bands. Do you want rings that complement or match each other? Does he need the strength of a harder, longer-lasting metal? Do you prefer the look of white gold, yellow gold, rose gold or platinum? Taking the time to talk about those preferences now can cut down on confusion in the long run. 2. Consider the Engagement Ring. It’s beautiful, sparkly, and linked to one of the best memories of your life. So chances are good you’ll want to continue wearing your engagement ring long after you’re married. If you plan to wear your engagement ring and wedding band together, you’ll want to find a ring that matches or compliments your engagement ring. Some women even choose to have the two soldered together. 3. Options for Him For years, all the bling was for the women, but today’s market offers a huge variety of wedding bands that appeal to men as well, from rings with wooden inlays to rings with unique, subtle textures like milgrain or other patterned bands. Some even have diamonds. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and find a...

Caring for Your Gold Jewelry

Gold will not tarnish, but with improper care and handling, your once lustrous looking jewelry can become dull and lifeless. Make your gold jewelry last a lifetime by taking proper care of your items. Proper Care of Your Jewelry Take off your jewelry before you wash your hands or take a shower. Soaps and shampoos will eventually build a filmy substance on your jewelry, causing the color to dull. Avoid leaving your jewelry on during these situations so that you will spend less time cleaning them. Chlorine and gold do not mix. Do not swim or sit in hot tubs with your gold jewelry. Chlorine can weaken the items and eventually cause breakage. Remove jewelry when exercising or playing contact sports. Oils and sweat from your body can slowly damage the pieces. Do not wear it during cleaning or gardening. Household cleaners are abrasive and soils contain unknown elements that could interfere with the soft metal. Cleaning Your Jewelry Occasionally, have a professional jeweler clean your gold. Professionals have ultrasonic technology that can remove dust and dirt, unlike household cleaners. Commercial cleaners can be a quick and effective way to clean your jewelry. Make sure the cleaners are appropriate for gold. Most will clean gold, platinum, diamonds and precious stones. Follow the directions on the container and use a soft chamois cloth to gently rub the jewelry. For a more inexpensive solution, you can use a small amount of toothpaste to clean your gold jewelry. Drop your rings or necklaces in warm water. Dab a soft cloth with toothpaste and buff any discoloration from your pieces. Rinse the items...