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The History of the Engagement Ring

The engagement ring is an institution in today’s culture. Whether it’s the high school grad offering his class ring as a promise or a young professional who’s saved and carefully shopped to find the perfect ring for the woman of his dreams, the engagement ring symbolizes a promise of a bright future together. So how did that deep-rooted tradition get started? The truth is the history is arguable based on, you guessed it, more tradition. Many say that it all began in 1477 with Archduke Maximilian of Austria, who proposed to Mary of Burgundy with a gold ring embellished with small diamonds in the shape of an “M.” But the legends go back even further. Pre-History through the BC Era Even the cavemen exchanged something similar to an engagement ring. They would tie cords made of braided grass around the wrist, ankle and waist of their chosen mate, which was meant to bring her spirit under his control. Then you have the early Egyptians, who believed the third finger of the left hand contained an artery that went straight to the heart. When buried, many Egyptians were found with rings made of single silver or gold wire wrapped around the third finger of their left hands. In the 2nd century BC, Pliny the Elder gave his beloved a ring crafted from gold to wear at special events  and an iron ring to wear at home. The gesture was intended to symbolize his binding agreement with her. A hundred years later, puzzle rings made their first appearance, which Sheiks used these rings to identify their wives. The 1800s Diamond Explosion When diamonds were...

Jewelry Spotlight: Chamilia Bracelets and Charms

Sometimes finding the perfect gift is hard, especially if you’re looking for something truly personal and unique. Custom jewelry is a beautiful option, but it’s often very expensive. Now, you can assemble the perfect custom jewelry without breaking the bank using Chamilia bracelets and charms. Beautiful Charms Charm jewelry allows you to customize your piece almost endlessly, and we carry Chamilia Charms here at Snow’s because we believe it’s some of the most beautiful and versatile charm jewelry on the market today. Each piece is crafted from .925 sterling silver or 14k gold, and all gems are certified Swarovski crystals. You will love the unbelievably fine detail in these charm beads, and with a collection of well over 400 carefully-designed charms, you’ll find the perfect ones to reflect the heart and style of the person your shopping for. Seasonal Sets Each season and holiday offers special opportunities to craft a beautiful custom piece for your loved one. Chamilia’s Valentine’s Day charms make it easy to put together a chic piece for the one you love, whether you’re going for a whimsical feel or something a little more elegant, or perhaps a combination of both. You’ll also find Christmas, Mother’s Day, and countless other holiday-themed charms to fit each occasion. Countless Options Combine your favorite charms in a bracelet, build a necklace or choose Chamilia earrings that combine your favorite elements. Why not start a Chamilia collection? You could commemorate a trip or an anniversary. The jewelry could even celebrate a big life event like buying a home, starting a family or adopting a pet. No matter what you choose, you’ll love the finely-crafted...