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The Novice’s Guide to Grading a Diamond

Grading a Diamond – Each diamond is unique and there are a myriad of variables that determine its value. When it comes to grading diamonds, most adhere to the American Gem Society’s (AGS) zero to 10 grading scale. This scale is fairly easy to understand. The best possible grade is zero, the lowest possible is 10.  When writing out the grades of diamonds with the AGS grading scale, the cut grade is listed ahead of all other characteristics. The next to be listed is color. After that is the clarity and finally the carat weight. This grading order is never compromised. “Brillanten” by Mario Sarto – Self-photographed. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons. Cut When a diamond is brilliantly cut, its value will stand the test of time. The shape of facets differs according to each cut and the result is a unique filtering of light. Those with ideal cuts, desirable facets, a lovely fire (its prismatic colors) and brilliance (the diamond’s sparkle) are always graded the highest. Color Diamonds with less body color than others are rare and typically cost more on the retail market. This is accounted for in the grading system. According to the AGS’s grading scale, a diamond with a color grade of 2 has less color than another diamond that has a color grade of 5. The finest diamond cut grade will be written at 0/0/0 – 1.000 carat if it is nearly free of color, void of all blemishes and inclusions and weighs out at exactly one carat. Those who created and reference the AGS’s diamond grading standards call such a diamond the famed “Triple 000”...

September Birthstone: The Sapphire

Standing in the American Museum of Natural History, the 563 carat Star of India with its deep blue coloring reminds a person of the beauty of such a fine gem. Though a person cannot own that one, plenty of sapphires exist with a piece of that elegant beauty can become adopted and taken home. The gem’s blue color charmed so many people that royalty would encrust it on its robes, European clergy would adorn special robes with it and Lady Diana received the gem from Prince Charles as an engagement ring from a jewelry store. September Birthstone Sri Lankan and India lore attribute these endearing qualities loyalty, faithfulness, and truth to the stone. It becomes given at weddings because sapphires induce healthy relationships. The blue color has been the most common though other colors do exist. The velvety blue stones with its ability to let light in deep within its transparency often mesmerizes people into gentler interactions. Reeki healers that use stones for massage and health attribute it to calming, and focusing which results in joy. Scientific studies confirm such thinking done for advertising and medical firms that the color blue brings peace and promotes creativity. High level priests often were given rings encrusted with sapphires. Giving a loved one or a friend a blue sapphire has become a sign of deep caring for their health and wellbeing. Sapphires in Jewelry Sapphires have been used in a variety of ways. It often encrusts silver and gold pieces for charms on bracelets. The blue coloring combines well with other gems such as rubies and emeralds. Pendants may have a single blue...

Free Chamilia Bracelet

September 9 – 20 *with your purchase of $100 or more. Memories and rites of passage light the mind and make for hidden delights during the day. One of the most exquisitely pleasurable ways comes as owning a Chamilia charms bracelet. Sterling silver glistening against flesh tones in a contemporary, beautiful, and symbolic way makes the best use of jewelry. Expertly crafted these fine pieces of jewelry highlight the silver with Swarovski crystals, Italian Murano glass, and even zirconia. How to Capture Passion? Love is what we seek and expressions of love in a charm bracelet engages not only the wearer but also the person viewing. A bit a voyeurism comes in a charm bracelet since it gives a hint of the wearers’ life sometimes intimately. Moments of passion captured in warm silver gleaming to others in crystal beauty with a flash of diamond light. Chamilia Bracelet Options Chamilia charms come with zodiac collection, milestones, and celebrations. Zodiac in its teardrop silver libations drips with artistic flair. A diagonal banner with scripted zodiac sign catches the eye as sketched symbols of goats, bulls, twins, arrows, and a scorpion among others strategically placed. Chamilia comes with wisdom milestones for those special times when an event needs marking. Formed in a three dimensional hexagonal bead, numbers come displayed in an expressive design that starts a conversation about life and relationships. The third option comes as celebrations where the designers had freedom to create their interpretation of an event. Charming depictions of chalices, leaves, and champagne bubbly of family or lover forever displayed on a light grey circle of love on the wrist. Also...

MTV Video Music Awards: Our Top 5 Celebrity Jewelry Looks

If there was one thing that stunned at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards, it was the jewelry that adorned our favorite celebs. This year it was all about black diamonds, yellow gold, ear climbers and mix-matched minimalist looks. Check out our favorite looks from the red carpet and find out how you can recreate them with pieces from Snow’s Jewelers. Miley Cyrus Cyrus arrived in a custom Versace outfit that could almost be considered a piece of jewelry itself, transforming the singer into a human chandelier. She played the look up with a pair of killer diamond earrings from Lorraine Schwartz. You can get a similar look with a pair of Ti Sento-Milano cubic zirconia stud earrings.     Taylor Swift Swift also chose Lorraine Schwartz earrings, but she opted for a black diamond studs paired with a black diamond earring climber. The black diamonds gave her a fierce look that we absolutely loved. Try the look at home with a pair of black diamond earrings from KC Designs. They even have a few diamond earring climbers you could get to pull off that mix-matched style.       FKA Twigs This British artist went for the minimalist look, wearing only a few dainty gold rings from Eva Fehren on each hand. It might not seem like much, but it offered the perfect feminine touch to her striking Versace corset gown. You can easily get this look with a few of KC Designs’ contemporary gold rings.   Nicki Minaj In the past Minaj has gone for more lavish outfits, but she toned it down with a sleek gold dress and gold...