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Time for Back to School

Female college students love the simplicity of Scandinavian design found in the incredible workmanship of Daniel Wellington watches. Combining various styles of bangles or bracelets with a distinct band selection you can dress up or dress down your Daniel Wellington. Try changing the style of your Chamilia bangle, toggle, snap, or wrap beads and bracelets that you pair with your watch for a whole different look. This makes it a watch for all types of events and activities in a college students’ busy social life. Guys in school don’t have the time to decide on watch coordination, we offer the best of all worlds to add a watch that compliments all activities in one from sports, to ocean side fun, dating, and getting to classes on time. Choosing this Scandinavian minimalist design allows for quick, effortless decisions that are always stylish and current. Our Unique Design Line for Teens and younger students is a combination of sturdy and flexible design. From the elegant leather interchangeable straps to casual and zany nautical stripes of the NATO straps your Daniel Wellington watch bands are casually or classically in style every day. Time for Back to School is an exciting accessory trend using woven leather bracelets, chains or friendship bracelet collections to match, contrast, or highlight your watch style. The styling of a wristwatch is this school season’s must have fashion statement. No Child is too young to begin understanding trends and fashion. It’s one of the first, and only easy answers to the question, “Who Am I?” Kids will delight in the fascination of learning about time and using these teaching watches make time management training easy, fun, and fashionable. For boys who love super heroes, Captain America will teach minutes and hours functions with easy display clock hands.    ...

August Birthstone: The Magic of Peridot

People born in August have the distinctive advantage of having two birthstones. The “Evening Emerald,” known by gemologists as Peridot gemstones.  The yellow-green, lime green, and luscious olive green tones have attracted world-class collectors since ancient times. It is yielded from the activity of volcanic eruptions. The second birthstone for August-born is the Sardonyx, an onyx veined gem of silica mineral quartz. In Ancient times, the Peridot was believed to be extremely precious. This stone was referred to often as “Topaz” in the Torah and the Bible. Ancient Egyptian documentation in 1580 – 1350 B.C.E. shows gems of Peridot were formed into elegant strands of green beads believed to possess miraculous mystical powers and healing properties. These beads supposedly provided the wearer with good luck all year, including protecting against nightmares and greater influence and power. Romans and Greeks cut the gemstones for rings, inlays, and pendants. Wealthy Turkish sultans amassed the world’s largest collections of fine Peridot gems.They used peridot as ornaments for royal turbans and to adorn jeweled boxes. The Golden Throne of Istanbul is encrusted with 955 Peridot gemstones, specifically cut in a convex shape, then highly polished. The Crusaders brought Peridots back into Europe to adorn elaborate churches thinking they were the finest of green emeralds. The “Three Magi” treasure in the Dom of Cologne in Germany is actually Peridot, not emeralds. In the Kremlin of Russia, the crown jewels include a fine, clear, 192-carat, olive green Peridot. The largest of all cut Peridot gemstones is a 310-carat gem kept in the Smithsonian Institute, in Washington D.C. Today’s market of Peridot jewelry has an endless range of fine gemstones to costume and high-end, designer couture jewelry. Some of the finest Peridot stones can be found in the showroom at Snow’s Jewelers. If you are...