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Corporate Gift Ideas from Snow’s Jewelers

From the humble beginnings in 1958, Edward and Ida Snow started Snow’s Jewelers in Hialeah, FL with only $600, a few display cases, and the family dinning table as the showpiece. Edward Snow, Sr. became a certified watchmaker in 1946 and In 1961, he became a certified gemologist. Since then the business has grown to become one of the best in the area when it comes selection, quality, and service. Whatever event you are getting ready for or whatever celebration is approaching, you can find he perfect gift here at Snow’s Jewelers. Here are five great gift ideas for that corporate event, office party, or for the boss’ birthday: Bulova desk or wall clocks Bulova is a name to trust when it comes to classy and elegant time pieces. They are known for their tradition of excellent desk and wall clocks and for always staying ahead of the pack with their designs and are keen on integrating the latest in technology into every piece. A Bulova timepiece gift will show that you are a smart and up to date shopper who knows quality and values excellence. Seiko watches A beautiful or classy wrist watch is a perfect way to make a statement and with the option to get a personalized engraving on the back, the Seiko line of watches makes for great corporate gifts. There are many styles to choose from so there is bound to something for everyone on your corporate gift list. Check out all the amazing styles and designs that are available at Snow’s Jewelers today! Fancy pens and cases Pens are a must have for...

Deciding on a Push Gift

Pregnancy has many gifts like sitting in the sun enjoying watching a baby swim around your tummy.  A person’s face lights up as your baby kicks and moves letting you know the time of its arrival will be soon. Best of all giving presents shows appreciation for a time of life that exhilarates but takes major life changes. Having a baby often becomes the best thing a couple accomplishes. Giving a push gift says I love you. Personalized Items While you are relaxing at home engaging in couple time consider talking about push gift items at Snow’s Jewelers. Looking at the KC display there, the baby feet engravable disk speaks to many couples. Push gifts can come before, during or after the baby comes. Many of the items have mini initials. Best of all the choices become easily personalized or customized. Stylish Bracelets The Gabriel display has a selection of soho bangles. A novel idea that gives a bit different feel to a love affair even if it is with a baby. Encircling the wrist the bangle comes in many styles and shades. Consider adding a birthstone of the month. Diamonds are not the only gem available. Ruby, sapphires and emeralds each have their own beauty. Many gifts exist with exquisite filigree or styling that you may not have thought of and having a place to view other styles gives a good feel. Making a loved one feel happy during pregnancy is good for the baby as well. Making Memories Most people make it a family tradition to go to Snow’s Jewelers for marking important events in their lives. Starting with an engagement ring to wedding ring why not get and give push gifts. They feel like family. Going...

Daniel Wellington Watches

When you first set your eyes on a Daniel Wellington watch, you will immediately notice its minimalist look. Our watches have a thin, round case without an array of unnecessary flashy gizmos. Our goal is simple: provide visually stimulating timepieces that can be worn in every type of environment. Each of our watch faces is specifically designed to coordinate with either our NATO or leather straps. Each strap is easily interchangeable, so you can mix and match depending on your current context and stylistic desires. Daniel Wellington NATO Watch Straps The idea to pair our watch faces with NATO straps stems from Daniel Wellington himself. He used to remove his watch straps and replace them with uber-chic NATO straps for a distinct look. This aesthetic has absolutely stood the test of time. Daniel Wellington watches paired with NATO straps are quite elegant and eye catching. You can choose from an array of Nato straps like Winchester, Southampton, Nottingham or Canterbury. Each features a clean design that can be paired with the array of colors and patterns available on both NATO straps as well as leather straps. You’ll have no trouble creating your own personal style when you combine your Daniel Wellington watch face with one of these beautiful nylon straps. Daniel Wellington Leather Watch Straps Those who prefer a more traditional aesthetic can opt to attach their Daniel Wellington watch to an assortment of leather straps including York, Bristol, St. Andrews and Sheffield. You might be surprised at just how much a different leather strap alters the look of your Daniel Wellington watch. If desired, you can wear an...

July Birthstone: Ruby

What do you think of when you think of July? Hot sun? Fireworks? Rubies? Rubies, known as the “king of gems,” have long been said to represent the beauty of the sun–the ideal meaning for one of the hottest months of the year. Also a symbol of integrity, healing, devotion, and romance, this gem is the perfect gift to represent the strength of your love and the strength of your passion, whether set in a birthday gift, an engagement ring, or a wedding band. The word “ruby” is derived from the Latin word “ruber” which means “red.” This color evokes some of the most powerful emotions, such as love and anger, and is associated with objects of power–roses, fast cars, and national flags. This gem has been inspiring people throughout history and has been used to represent power, authority, and passion. People in India believed that by owning a ruby, a person could live in peace with their enemies, and in Burma, warriors would carry rubies because they thought the stone would make them invincible in battle. Medieval European royalty and upper class citizens sought after and wore rubies with the belief that the stone guaranteed health, wealth, and love. Practically speaking, a ruby is a fantastic stone because of its composition. The ruby is harder than any other gem except for diamonds, which means you can wear it every day without fear of damaging or breaking it. In addition, the deep red color makes the stone appear much larger than other stones of the same size which can help it stand out, even in small pieces of jewelry such as...

Affordable Bridal Party Gift Ideas

When you think about finding affordable bridal party gifts, you may not immediately think of visiting a jewelry store, but this can be one of the best opportunities for you to find a meaningful and valuable gift. You do not have to spend a lot of money to buy high quality pieces that anyone within your bridal party can appreciate. What you need, though, is to be creative. To ensure you get exactly what you are looking for, consider a few tips. Consider Custom Jewelry When you visit Snow’s Jewelry, you’ll find a large selection of stunning pieces you can purchase and take home. However, you can also customize and create unique pieces of your own. Custom jewelry works very well as a bridal party gift for several reasons. First, it has true meaning and you can put your touches on it. This makes it sentimental. Additionally, you can control the costs of the pieces. This gives you far more flexibility. Select Fashionable, Designer Brands When you come in to the jewelry shop, you will find a wide range of pieces to select from including items from today’s modern and traditional designers. This includes Chamilia, Ti Sento, Mi Mondea, and Gabriel & Co. to name just a few. What’s nice about choosing designer pieces is that they are stylish and long lasting. They make a statement. Expect these pieces to dazzle. Choose from a wide range of charms, bangles and stones to make what could be a basic gift into something more meaningful and interesting. Choose Something You Love There are many types of bridal jewelry pieces you can...