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June Birthstone – Pearls

Every birth month has a stone. If you were born in June, your birthstone is the pearl, which is not actually a stone, but gorgeous nonetheless. The origin of the birthstone is dated back as far as the breastplate of Aaron from the Bible. The breastplate featured twelve gemstones, all representing the twelve tribes of Israel. The current list of gemstones by birthday dates to 1912. The June birthstone offers a lot of flexibility in comparison to the other months because it is organic instead of being found in the earth. Pearls are formed when an oyster builds up layers of matter around a single grain of sand. Since pearls can be farmed, you can find them in many colors and sizes. Pearls are much more unique in comparison to the diamonds, rubies and peridot of other birth months. You’re special because you have the pearl! The Meaning of the Pearl The pearl is believed to contain healing powers, and if you wear the one of your birth month, these powers will be yours. It is said that the pearl has calming powers and can help to aid in loyalty, truth, charity, and purity for those who wear it. Pearls have an organic origin because they are not found within the earth as most gemstones are. Instead, they are found within various species of clams and oysters. Most of pearls are culture-raised and come in various colors. You can find pearls that are white, black, cream and even yellow, green, and blue. They can be found all over the world, adding to some of the popularity of the pearl. Buying Pearl Jewelry At Snow’s Jewelry, you will find an array of...

Father’s Day Gift Ideas that Don’t Break the Bank

When it comes to buying a gift for your father, you may have no idea where to start; however, there are some items that are guaranteed to be a quality gift—such as jewelry. You may be thinking that it would be weird to buy your father jewelry, but there are some accessories that are very masculine. You can even have jewelry engraved to give your gift some sentimental value, as well. Your father will love a necklace that has a meaningful engraving on it. Where to Buy Affordable Jewelry? You may be thinking that all quality jewelry is going to cost a fortune, but that is not true. There are some jewelry suppliers that offer high-quality accessories at an affordable price. You also do not have to choose precious metals and diamonds to make your gift special; there are cobalt and titanium rings that look very masculine and are not nearly as expensive as some of the other metals you can choose. There are plenty of alternative metal jewelry options that make an excellent gift idea. If you’re looking for a Father’s Day gift in Miami Lakes, Florida, then stop by Snow’s Jewelers. This is one of the most popular places to buy jewelry in Miami Lakes. We have a wide array of accessories available. You may even want to check out some earrings, if your father has a more modern style. We offer masculine earrings that any man would love to wear. Cufflinks and watch winders are also a common gift idea for Father’s Day. Think of how much your father would love a set of cufflinks that match...

Wedding Jewelry Can Be the Investment of a Lifetime

Quality wedding jewelry can be the start of a stable and secure future. It is best to seek advice from an established jeweler. They can ensure that the materials and construction will last a lifetime. Women, in particular, often find their rings worth more than stocks and bonds, both monetarily and emotionally. Use Fine Metals in Wedding Rings It is no secret these days that paper money is facing problems around the world. Values fluctuate like the wind. Moreover, with the interdependence of all economies with others, problems in one part of the world can affect us at home. Likewise, stock prices seem to always go through boom and bust cycles. Their true value is hard to pinpoint. Precious metals can be a hedge against currency and stock volatility. We humans have used gold and silver as “money” for centuries. That isn’t going to change soon. Getting wedding jewelry constructed of fine metal is a good way to start off a family. Women are almost naturally predisposed to protect their families. One way to do so is by creating an environment of financial prosperity. A wedding ring made out of gold, silver, or platinum sets an example of the security that wives and mothers want in their lives. Protect the Symbol of Love We should never forget love, the other important reason for getting a well-constructed wedding ring. A solid, sturdy ring can withstand the inevitable daily wear and tear. Nobody wants the primary symbol of their life partnership susceptible to damage. No, we all desire a ring in which we can hold pride in the way it looks. Finding a Quality...

Yellow Gold Is Making a Comeback

Yellow gold is a great way to add a bold spark of shine to your everyday style. In the last decade, yellow gold was regarded as an older trend more popular in the ’60s and ’70s. White gold and silver jewelry from designers like Tiffany & Co. made the yellow gold seem ancient and dated. Now, however, yellow gold has made a comeback on the fashion and jewelry scene and can be added to everyday attire or a special night out for an extra bit of glamour. Experts like Snow’s Jewelers are offering classic yellow gold pieces to clients looking for a change of pace from the now outdated silver fad. Yellow Gold at the SAG Awards At this year’s SAG Awards, celebrities added yellow gold to their beautiful gowns and shined on the red carpet. Actresses laced their necks, wrists and fingers with yellow gold rings, necklaces and bracelets. Actresses such as Maggie Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon paired their yellow gold jewelry with refreshing white gowns while Jennifer Aniston wore a more structured and detailed gold dress. Celebrities and Designers Wearing Yellow Gold The glam of yellow gold jewelry on the red carpet has also become a trend in everyday fashion. The days of silver and white gold as delicate accents of jewelry are behind us. Women are opting for the refreshing, classic look of yellow gold to adorn their outfits. Designers such as Michael Kors are designing everyday-wear watches and cuffs featuring yellow gold accents. The yellow gold trend does not end with everyday wear and the red carpet. Celebrities are also rocking yellow gold engagement rings. Celebs such as Halle Berry,...