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Fresh Spring Jewelry Trends for 2015

Springtime is here and this means a whole new array of fashion. Spring fashion has a few surprises for 2015, as pieces are a bit untraditional in nature. Snow’s Jewelers has several exciting pieces, allowing you to have the latest and greatest in the trends of this spring. Bold and Thick Necklaces this spring include chunky pieces in gold, silver, onyx and mother-of-pearl. Geometrical shapes are in, as well. Rather than long chains, opt for choker-style neck pieces. These wide necklaces look great in solid colors, allowing you to accent floral or patterned apparel. Stacking necklaces is also a popular spring trend, along with large pendants in bright colors. Total Opposites The newest fad in jewelry is to wear two different earrings. Runway fashion has shown several instances with models wearing two different colors of the same earring, two of the same color earring in two sizes, or one dangling earring and one studded earring. Because of this diversity, this exciting spring trend can be pulled off in a variety of ways. Colors of the Season Yellow gold is still very much in high demand this spring. Along with this, bright floral colors such as red, purple, and pink are the colors of the season. Usually springtime means pastels, but this year summertime colors are hitting the fashion world a bit early. All Kinds of Creatures Dragonflies, butterflies, fish, and ladybugs are all hot this spring. Snow’s Jewelers has a variety of small-creature-inspired jewelry to match the season. Flowers are also popular this spring. Rings, bracelets, charms, and pendants that incorporate flowers, insects, or fish are all top trends of the season. Beach-inspired jewelry with...

May Birthstone: Emerald

May is when the flowers start to bloom and spring offers up its delights to behold. Emerald is the birthstone of May, a symbol of rebirth and one of the most easily recognizable of precious stones. Find out about this gemstone and how to make it your own. The gemstone emerald is a form of the mineral beryl. It gets its distinct green coloring from chromium or vanadium. It has a hardness of 7.5-8 on the Mohs scale. The stone’s clarity is graded by eye instead of a loupe standard as with diamonds. Almost all emeralds are “oiled” to strengthen the stone against inherent fissures. Eye-clean stones of a strong, medium-toned green hue are most valuable, although all are strikingly beautiful gemstones. The word “emerald” is originally derived from the Greek smaragdus, meaning green. As early as 300 B.C., it was mined in Egypt. Quantities are limited. Many current emeralds are mined in Columbia, Brazil, Afghanistan and Zambia. Columbia produces 50 to 95 percent of today’s emeralds. Zambia produces another 20 percent. Many emeralds on the market are specially treated to improve the clarity of the gemstone. One famous emerald is the Chalk emerald ring, which is displayed at the U.S. National Museum of Natural History. This 37-carat top-quality ring continues to inspire admiration. Another famous emerald is the Bahia emerald, which contains the largest single shard on record. It weighs approximately 840 pounds and originated from Bahia, Brazil. Its ownership is unclear. Emeralds are considered to be one of the four most precious stones. Their brilliant color and their translucence makes them ideal for open settings. Here are a few suggestions for...