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Because She is Amazing

We all love our mothers, and every year as Mother’s Day rolls around, our search for the perfect Mother’s Day gift begins. Finding the best Mother’s Day gift, one you know your mother will love, can be challenging. You want to show your mom how much you love her, and you don’t want to give her anything that is plain and ordinary. You want to give her a unique Mother’s Day gift that is different from everyone else’s. There are always the old stand-bys, such as flowers, bubble-bath baskets, perfume, a robe or slippers. However, these are the same old gifts she receives every year. And you certainly don’t want to get her something as impersonal as a gift card on such a special day. So what should you do? Well, there is one type of gift that is eternal — one that any woman would love to receive. Do you know what that is? Jewelry! Yes, jewelry is the perfect gift for Mother’s Day. Jewelry makes the best Mother’s Day gift because there are so many options to choose from especially here at Snow’s Jewelers. Here are a few of our top suggestions for this special occasion: Custom/Personalized Jewelry: You can easily customize something that fits your mother’s unique taste and style. Keep in mind the different color birthstones of her children and their initials. Chamilia and Gabriel &Co SoHo collection is our favorite to mix and match. Watches: Time is of the essence and with her, time is never wasted. Let her think of you everytime she looks down at her wrist. Diamonds: You can never ever go wrong with...

A Diamond in the Rough

Gleaming in the sun, a rainbow of colors sparkle forth as we watch her hand move side to side displaying a priceless jewel. Diamonds have marked important occasions in our lives not because of their beauty but as a reminder of what it takes to have a precious jewel of a relationship in our lives. Everyone asks how he proposed, but do you know how that rock actually made it onto a hand? Keep reading to find out. Diamond Formation High pressure combines with high heat in the earth’s mantle in vertical pipes of igneous rock. Volcanic action then thrusts those rocks closer to the surface. As these rocks cool, portions crystallize and form the diamonds. The rock called kimberlite acts as a marker during excavation for the diamonds. Diamond Mining A few diamonds can be found in rivers, streams and on the surface of the earth. In Crater of Diamonds State Park in Arkansas, visitors can hunt for surface diamonds. Most deposits are located by finding kimberlite rock deposits made by volcanoes. While there are those limited places where diamonds are near the surface, most diamonds are found using pit mining. The pit mining process begins with drilling and blasting a site. Large hydraulic shovels remove the debris for sifting, leaving a large hole in the earth’s surface. The digging continues until the kimberlite pipe is mined from the igneous rock. Coastal Mining Coastal mining is a form of open pit mining along a coast. It begins like open pit mining with the digging and use of hydraulic equipment. Seawalls must be built to help the process. Land becomes modified until...

Communion/Confirmation Gift Ideas

The arrival of spring brings with it not only thoughts of Easter, fresh flowers and singing birds, but also First Communions and Confirmations. Since both these religious rites represent milestones in young lives, they should be marked with a memorable gift, while appropriate for the occasion. First Communion Gifts First communion marks the time in a young child’s life when they receive the sacrament of the Holy Eucharist. Filled with the spirit of the day, a young communicant traditionally received a special religious symbol to mark the occasion. Jewelry Jewelry being what it is, there are a lot more gifts out there for the girls than there are for boys, but both boys and girls will appreciate a religious medal or cross on a gold or silver chain. For a girl, consider a simple pearl necklace with a patron saint medal and matching pearl bracelet. First communion is also a wonderful occasion on which to start a charm bracelet. Boys might receive their first set of cufflinks on this occasion. Confirmation Gifts While any of the gifts we’ve suggested for First Communion can also serve as wonderful Confirmation gifts, the symbols of this sacrament offer you additional choices. Children are usually confirmed around age 12, at which time a bishop lays his hands on their heads and they receive the Holy Spirit. Gifts symbolizing the day might be centered on the depiction of a dove, the symbol of the Holy Spirit, or a pair of hands, bringing to mind the role of the bishop. Keepsake Gifts Whether it’s for confirmation or communion, consider an engravable option. Personalizing a gift...

April’s Birthstone: Diamond

Giving a gift of jewelry that contains a birthstone of the recipient is thought to bring them good luck and protection. This month, we celebrate the April birthstone, diamond. For those lucky April-born babies, diamonds really are their best friend. Diamonds are meant to symbolize strong relationships and inner strength, balance, clarity, and abundance. Diamonds are also thought to have healing properties, such as helping with brain diseases and pituitary gland problems. Additionally, diamonds were once used to expel toxins and were a remedy for poisoning. Diamonds come from a variety of locations but some of the biggest mines can be found in Australia, Russia, Canada and Africa. The word diamond originates from the Greek word “adamas,” which means “hardest metal.” As such diamonds are most often used to make jewelry due to their strength and brilliance. Jewelry has long since been the most popular gift in the history of gift giving—especially diamond jewelry gifts. If you have ever wondered what pieces of jewelry are essential, we can help you with that. Here at Snow’s Jewelers, we think there are three pieces of diamond jewelry every woman should own as a foundation for her jewelry collection.   1. Diamond Stud Earrings Diamond stud earrings are the perfect accent for any outfit and any occasion. Diamond stud earrings come across as elegant and never distract from a woman’s look or style. 2. A Diamond Tennis Bracelet A diamond tennis bracelet is not only the ideal accessory, but it also speaks volumes about a woman’s personality. A diamond tennis bracelet expresses a woman’s inner strength and confidence, giving her that “it”...

The 5 Top Jewelry Trends for Spring

With spring comes a bevy of beautiful new designs and fun fashion trends. Bright colors and interesting combinations of metals will provide gorgeous jewelry for the upcoming season. The following are the top 5 jewelry trends for spring. 1. Mismatched Earrings Wearing a solitary earring has given way to the unbalanced look. Earrings that provide enough of a difference to make a statement can be worn in an assortment of shapes, interesting color combinations, and varying lengths. Mismatched earrings can even send a message, with a specific word or shape in each ear. 2. Bold Chokers There’s really nothing off limits when it comes to the type of designs and the materials used to make a great looking choker. Heavy metals, bright beads, and tanned leather are just a few of the many options. Chokers don’t have to stop at the neck anymore. Many of the most beautiful designs include pieces that have dangling gems or delicate strands hanging well below the neck. 3. Anything Brass Brass will be one of the most popular metals used in jewelry design this spring. Brass works well as a choker, a bracelet, and even as a pendant surrounding vibrant gems. Big bold earrings, delicately designed rings, and statement necklaces that are intricate works of art will be designed using brass. There are also lots of shades to choose from, including deep coppers and rich golds. 4. Retro 70s The revamped hippie look, especially for necklaces and earrings, will be popular this upcoming season. Not only does this include bright colors and different sized beads, but bold designs and interesting geometric pieces. Combinations...