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Is It Time To Have Your Jewelry Repaired?

Many people consider their jewelry an investment and also a very sentimental part of their lives. Most pieces of jewelry are given as a gift by someone you love, purchased to commemorate special occasions and milestones or passed down from generation to generation. Either way, your jewelry is significant to you, and that is why keeping it well maintained and repaired is important. Why People Don’t Repair Most pieces of jewelry are small in size, and when they become broken or damaged, they are quickly tucked away in a jewelry box for safe keeping. Out of sight, out of mind – is very much true when it comes to jewelry. Most people simply forget that they have pieces of jewelry that are in need of repair. Another reason it stays in hiding is that people assume that jewelry repair is expensive. Here at Snow’s Jewelers, we offer free estimates on all of our repairs whether it is to replace a missing stone, sizing or a watch overhaul. In most cases, having a piece of jewelry repaired and restored to its original beauty will be just a fraction of what you paid for the piece in the first place. Types of Repairs At Snow’s Jewelers, we have over 50 years in experience with both jewelry and watch repairs. Types of jewelry repairs may include having missing gemstones or diamonds replaced, reset or tightening prongs. We suggest stopping in about every six months to a year to have the prongs checked on engagement rings. The last thing you want is to have a diamond loose and fall out. We also, resize...

February Birthstone: Aristocratic Amethyst

Individuals lucky enough to have their birthday in February have the perfect reason to adorn themselves in amethyst jewelry. The official February birthstone, amethyst, is considered a symbol of strength and empowerment. Historically coupled with the drinking of wine, it exhibits a vibrant purple hue which looks beautiful when placed in jewelry. Origins of Amethyst In addition to being the birthstone of the month of February, amethyst is also used to mark the 6th and 17th wedding anniversary. Purple amethyst is often associated with royalty. British royalty and Catholic bishops, alike, have adorned themselves with amethyst jewelry. It has been a part of religious jewelry and affixed to royal crowns for centuries. Ancient folklore claims that amethyst will grant its wearer magical powers which may be the reason the stone is still associated with power today. St. Valentine, the patron of romantic love, was also said to have wore an amethyst ring carved with the image of a Cupid. And, Leonardo Di Vinci once wrote that the amethyst gemstone quickens intelligence and gets rid of evil thoughts. Bring on the amethyst we say! Color Variation Ideally, when shopping for amethyst jewelry color should be at the top of your consideration. Amethyst of the highest quality should reflect a strong reddish purple to purple color with no visible color zoning. However, if the stone becomes too dark in tone, it may look opaque under lighting and there for depreciate in value.  Interestingly enough, amethyst can also be found in a light lilac hue. This color is equally as desirable and valuable; however, one must be vigilant of clarity in this hue. Inclusions...

Engaged for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day can be overrated and commercial, but lots of couples still think of February 14th as the most romantic day of the year. In fact, a recent survey shows that as many as six million people are planning to pop the question to their love this Valentine’s Day. If you are planning a little more than flowers and chocolate and think that Valentine’s Day is the right time to propose a lifelong commitment, then you need to start thinking of just how you are going to pull it off. A Ring Before or After? That is the Question… Traditionally, a ring was purchased before the proposal and presented at the time of the proposal; however, modern couples are flipping that around and many couples are picking out their ring after they’ve gotten engaged. The nice thing about this option is that it allows the lady to choose exactly the ring she wants. Sizes are perfect, and there is no need for those awkward conversations about having the perfect diamond reset into the perfect band. If you think this will take away from the fun of surprising your friends and family, think again. The easy solution is to keep your engagement a secret just long enough to get the perfect ring picked and take a few adorable announcement photos. The Big Announcement Many couples are finding the announcement almost as exciting as the proposal itself. There are tons of fun and creative ways to share your happy news with the world. Thanks to social media, one cute photo post takes care of it all. Take some time to come up with a...

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For All Price Points

Here at Snow’s Jewelers, we realize that Valentine’s Day gift-giving involves any number of variables: whether the relationship is new or established, budget considerations, and personal tastes and preferences. That’s why we offer an amazing selection of quality jewelry at all price points. Following are just five of the items you’ll find in our stores that would make excellent Valentine’s Day gifts: Chamilia Gift Sets From kitschy to classic to purely romantic, Chamilia charms were created to be cherished for a lifetime. As a member of the Swarovski Group, you know you’re getting quality when you purchase Chamilia. Chamilia gift sets start at $89. Sterling Silver Pendants Clean and classic, sterling silver’s pristine look goes with any style of dress and complements any type of complexion. A sterling silver heart pendant is perfect for newer relationships or for that precious princess in your life who’s still too young to have serious beaus. Soho Heart Bangles Elegantly fun, Soho heart bangles are another budget-friendly choice ideal for newer relationships or to start lifelong traditions in established romances. Stackable and stylish, these bangles mix and match well with Chamilia charms. Prices start at an affordable $75. Diamond Heart, Key, and Infinity Necklaces Diamond necklaces are always a welcome gift and these heirloom-quality pieces are perfect for slipping next to her plate while enjoying a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner in her favorite fine dining establishment. Present it to her at the beginning of the meal and watch her eyes glow all the way through the dessert course. Ltd. Bangle and Charms Pressed for time, but still want to give her a gift that delights...