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New arrivals to the store

In an effort to constantly bring the latest in jewelry fashion to our valued customers while upholding premium quality, we are excited to announce several new additions to our jewelry store. KC Designs of NY KC Designs has been at the forefront of diamond fashion jewelry for over 30 years. They have masterfully created jewelry that compliments every style of woman, accessible to all ages. Throughout the years, KC Designs has garnered the acclaim of celebrities and fashion experts alike. Their distinctive diamond fashion jewelry pieces have been showcased in numerous feature films, major television network shows, fashion runways, and dozens of fashion publications including the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition for 5 years running. KC Designs of NY are masters in everyday diamond jewelry as well as the latest in fashionable, fine jewelry, suitable for any occasion.   Click here to view more from our in store selection. Gabriel and Co. Soho Bangles Stackable bangle bracelets have gained huge popularity over the recent years. Using the catch phrases, “arm party” and “arm candy”, the Soho Collection is the perfect addition to the fiesta. The Soho bangles are adjustable bracelets made of stainless steel and sterling silver with a variety of different meaningful charms on each individual bracelet. Gabriel & Co. uses diamonds and genuine stones in all of their design to maintain high quality at an affordable price. Mix and match your bracelets and choose from over 50 designs that have you earning for more. Their designs include genuine birthstones, initials, religion and other iconic symbols to express you individual personality. Click here to view some of the collection. Chamilia...

Small Business Saturday and Snow’s Jewelry Store

Most Americans know what Black Friday is, but not everyone is aware of Small Business Saturday – and they should be. Small Business Saturday is an alternative to the rush of finding the cheapest deal at a big box store. It is a chance to support the time-honored tradition of supporting the people and products that make a community a place to call home. Snow’s Jewelers is a wonderful example of what Small Business Saturday supports, and we invite you to come and browse our collection of unique, inspiring jewelry collections. Founded in 1958 with just $600.00 and a few jewelry display cases, Snow’s Jewelers is now a thriving, specialized jewelry store offering elegant jewelry options you won’t find at a chain store. When it comes to jewelry, it’s not always the size of the diamond that counts. Often, the most beloved pieces are the ones that are chosen with the wearer’s personality in mind, and these special pieces of jewelry are Snow’s Jewelers’ specialty. In honor of Small Business Saturday, we are offering several great deals store wide. Snow’s Jewelers has a variety of different collections, brands and styles, and we are including some of our best offerings in this year’s Small Business Saturday on November 29. Chamilia Charms Personally chosen as one of Oprah’s 2014 Favorite Things for their ability to express what is unique about each wearer. Buy one bead, get one free (select styles only) Spend $150, get a jewelry box free* Pre-made gift sets starting at $70* Ti Sento Luxurious, and accessible fashion jewelry Spend $100 and get 15% off any new items from the...

Chamilia Made Oprah’s Favorite Things List This Holiday Season!

Each year around the holidays, the celebrated TV show host Oprah Winfrey sparks frenzies among her loyal fans around the world with the list of her top favorite things for the year. This includes a process of Oprah herself, reading, touching, tasting and trying a range of different products to which she hand picks her favorites. Oprah’s 2014 list of favorite things includes gift ideas that she likes to give or even receive and the items range in price from reasonably priced items to expensive items. This year, Snow’s Jewelers is proud to announce that Chamilia made her list for 2014! Chamilia has been on the American market since 2002, growing and expanding in the fashion jewelry world. Today, this fine accessory has become the most preferred piece of jewelry because of the originality of every bracelet. Chamilia celebrates all that is close to your heart with over 400 exclusive charms to choose from. There are endless ways to express your passion for life. Chamilia’s collections are expertly crafted from .925 sterling silver, 14k gold and Italian Murano glass. Additionally, Chamilia has been acquired by Swarovski and as such, Chamilia uses genuine Swarovski crystals and Swarovski Zirconia. Oprah Winfrey fell in love with the idea of Chamilia jewelry and the concept of creating your own personal look. As quoted in O Magazine, page 72, “Holiday-themed gifts are tricky–there is a fine line between spirited kitschy. But this set of sterling silver bangle and Swarovski crystal-accented charms, inspired by “The 12 Days of Christmas,” is chic, understated, and something you can wear all year long.” Getting started with the Chamilia...

November Birthstone Jewelry

If you know someone with a November birthday, odds are you’ve thought about buying them a special piece of jewelry to commemorate their birthday. At Snow’s Jewelers, November birthstone jewelry shoppers are often surprised to learn that there are two birthstones for November. Topaz and citrine are both traditional stones for people with November birthdays, but it can be hard to make a decision about which type of stone to pick. In fact, many people mistakenly assume that these two stones are the same thing. Thousands of years ago, it was very common for people to assume that any kind of yellow or orange-colored gemstone was topaz. In actuality, topaz is a very unique family of gemstones that come in a wide variety of colors. Citrine, on the other hand is very similar in color to yellow topaz, but is actually part of the quartz family. The most valuable type of topaz is called Imperial Topaz, named after the Russian Czars who used it in jewelry and many palace decorations throughout the 1800s. This stone is primarily orange in color with pink to light red undertones. Other members of the topaz family, however, come in all different shades of yellow, purple, pink, orange, and of course, blue. Varieties of topaz can be found all over the world. Citrine quartz, or citrine as it’s most commonly known, comes in a wide array of yellows, browns and oranges. The stone is most commonly found in the central region of South America and Spain. Among many native tribes in South America, citrine is believed to have healing abilities. It’s said that wearing...